5310 Application

1Applicant Information
2Project Information
3Agency History with 5310 Funding
4Project Advancement of the Coordinated Plan

Applicant Information

Have all your attachments ready to upload before you start filling out this application. You will not be able to save and come back later to finish your application. Please label the files you are uploading according to instructions. All attachments that need to be downloaded and instructions are available on the Funding.oki.org website.
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Agency Address(Required)
Is there a public transit system(s) serving the project area?(Required)
You must include a letter from the transit system serving your project service area either explaining how your two agencies will work together or verifying the transit system’s inability to meet your clients’ needs. Please name your file "Your Agency-Attachment A."
Max. file size: 5 MB.
Single Full Audit or Annual Financial Statement — Provide a copy of your most recent full audit, labeling it “Attachment B”. For applicants and subrecipient agencies receiving less than $750,000 and not required to conduct full audits, OKI accepts annual financial statements prepared by a professional accountant or tax preparer in lieu of a single full audit. OKI reviews this information to determine an assessment of financial risk and may recommend denial of 5310 funding if an applicant’s funding request represents amounts proportionately higher than the agency’s overall financial state; an agency has no record of stable financial controls; or have significant findings reported by an audit. Note that OKI will continue to monitor subrecipient agencies by requiring copies of annual audits or financial records be provided through the duration of a project or through the useful life benefit of vehicles acquired. Please name your file "Your Agency-Attachment B."
Max. file size: 20 MB.