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The purpose of this document is to provide information about the process used by the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI) to prioritize and award OKI-allocated federal transportation funds from the State Department of Transportation in Ohio and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet in Kentucky to projects with merit that further the goals of the continuing, coordinated and comprehensive nature of transportation planning towards implementation. This process discusses only awards over which OKI has direct ability and duty to make including, federal Transportation Alternative (TA) funds in Ohio and Kentucky. This packet also includes the application and guidance for applicants.

This document is divided into four sections:

Project Eligibility Requirements – this section covers eligible project types identified in Title 23 of USC and OKI requirements

Prioritization Process – the description of the OKI Board-adopted procedure

Guidance for Applicants – explanation of overall process details and description of factors and measures used in project scoring

Project Scoring Process – the listing of factors, measures and points

The Application Form – to be used by the applicant in providing pertinent information on the project, is attached at the end of this document.

Project Eligibility Requirements

OKI TA funds must be used within the OKI region but does not have to be in the OKI urbanized area (UZA).

Eligible Activities 

The following categories of activities are eligible for funding under OKI’s sub allocated TA program.

· Transportation Alternatives as defined by 23 U.S.C. (101)(a)(29)

· Infrastructure-related or non-infrastructure-related projects formerly eligible through
Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program under Section 1404(f) of the SAFETEA-LU